Crazy George Atelier

CrazyGeorgeAtelier was founded by childhood friends Michael and Igor in 2018. It was born out of a common love for designs and deco. They work with artists to create original designs that then are handmade in their workshop in Bali. Michael is a biochemist and cellist. After years in Switzerland, France, and Brazil, he is now living in the beautiful SF bay area. Passionate about Music and Art in general, he was so happy to start this new adventure with his old-time friend, Igor.

Igor graduated in economics. After playing Basketball professionally over a decade, he moved to Bali where, 14 years ago, he launched a successful furniture design studio and set up a furniture factory. Igor lives between Bali in Indonesia and Rome. One of his passions in life is traveling the world, and Bali happens to be his all-time favorite destination. The kind-hearted Balinese people and the beauty of the beaches have drawn him there for the last 16 years.

Get A Modern Decor

Have an exclusive framed artwork in your Decor. Hang this framed art, printed in Real Wood with 5 Lacquered layers for a contemporary look in your house. With more Durability and Extra Shiny Effect!

Unique Art

Easy to Install

Colorful, Funny, and Inspirational

Hope you enjoy your Art as much as we did creating it!


More than 200 different items, please order our catalog :



This wall art is gorgeous! It really look really nice on my bedroom wall. its a very high quality art and really unique.

Thaís Cargnelutti

Woww, this wall art is a so much prettyer than in the photos! So well done with high quality material. I loved it ! definitely will buy a second one.

Ramon Perez

Fast & Friendly, Seller was Very Communicative. Will be Doin More Bussiness With this Seller Most Definitely !!!